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Hose Systems

The efficient management of liquid and gaseous media also influence vehicle comfort. Weight, service life and safety are the key considerations applied in the development of such fluid-carrying hose systems such as fuel lines and fuel filler pipes, SCR technologies (AdBlue), A/C systems as well as activated carbon filters made by Dytech and Sumitomo Riko.

Fuel Lines

The lines made of high polymer plastics that are used in a large number of fuel systems meet the greatest range of requirements for safety, environmental protection and legal regulations involving the use of fuels. Production of these lines is guided by considerations about optimal processing options and service life of the particular material in use.

Hoses for A/C Systems

Functionality, operational safety and environmental consciousness in the smallest amount of space are the requirements placed on modern vehicle air-conditioning systems. Dytech meets these demands by integrating all systems and hoses into one single system. 

Fuel Filler Neck Module

Reduced weight along with the greatest degree of flexibility and safety. The fuel filler pipes and tank lines use optimised material combinations. They facilitate optimal fuel flow and provide large safety reserves during collisions.

Carbon Canisters

Activated charcoal filters are playing an increasingly larger role in efforts to meet ever stricter emission regulations. Here, too, optimal functionality must be achieved in increasingly smaller areas. Modern concepts in design and production as well as many years of experience with this technology ensure that our customers get efficient functional solutions.