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Polyurethane (PUR)

Innovative polyurethane materials developed in the global research labs of Sumitomo Riko are much more effective than conventional plastics. They are lighter, more efficient and robuster in heated environments and under extreme usage conditions. Their flexibility makes it possible to develop tailored customer solutions for a wide range of product areas.

Engine Covers

Covers for the upper part of an engine reduce not only noise, but also weight in comparison with conventional solutions thanks to the use of state-of-the-art materials – while offering additional functions as well. It is not just noise that is dampened. Engine heat is diverted as well.


Headrests and neckrests increase the comfort of travelling and protect passengers during accidents. The very latest low-density polyurethanes enable significant weight reductions while providing the same level of comfort and safety. 

Acoustic Insulation, Soundproofing

Modern drive systems are becoming ever quieter. As a result, the insulation needs of many sources of noise in a vehicle are changing. A large toolbox of solutions can be used to implement a holistic sound design, from engine noise to air intake. With the help of our very own molding technologies, it is possible to muffle vehicle noise right at the source.

The numerous sources of noise in a vehicle include air intake hose systems. Thanks to molding technologies developed on our own, individual noise-dampening covers can be produced.