Anvis (antivibrations systems) is a globally active group of companies specializing in antivibration systems and rubber-metal solutions for both transport (automotive, railway, marine) and industrial applications such as water supply, power generation, chemical industry, food industry among others.


Tailor-made solutions to customers’ needs are designed, developed and manufactured thanks to efficient R&D.


The customer structure includes original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in automotive ( VW, AUDI, FORD, SEAT, RENAULT, NISSAN, MAN, PEUGEOT CITROEN) and first tier (direct supplier to an OEM / supplier pyramid); railway industries (ALSTOM Transport, BOMBARDIER, SNCF, RATP, SNCB, KORAIL…) as well as key actors in industry (EDF, General Electric, Framatome, Naval Group, MAN Solutions,  Solvay, PAM….).


A long story of success in vibration engineering


Long-time experience, application know-how, development and material expertise are founded in the history of the company. Beginning with the company “Société Française B.F.-Goodrich” and later “Kléber-Colombes”, a global specialist for technical decouplers emerged in the span of 100 years:

 1910   Production begins at the Decize plant (Kléber-Colombes)


1942    Manufacturing of drive belts begins


1946    Production of technical elastomer components (Kléber-Colombes)


1978    Creation of WOCO S.A.S in Epinal S.A member of WOCO group


1982    Takeover of the Kléber-Group by Michelin


1987    Woco Epinal starts producing Rubber-to-metal components


1999    Company is renamed Michelin AVS


2000    Joint Venture Woco Michelin AVS


2007    ARQUES acquires WOCO MICHELIN AVS renamed Anvis Group


2008    WOCO Decize SAS renamed Anvis France Decize

  WOCO SAS renamed Anvis France Epinal SAS


2010    Anvis Industry SAS becomes a subsidiary of Anvis France Decize


2013    Tokai Rubber Industries (TRI) assumes 100% ownership of the Anvis Group


2014    Change of name from TOKAI RUBBER INDUSTRIES to SUMITOMO RIKO ltd


2017    Anvis industry S.A.S. renamed to SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S.

              Anvis France EPINAL S.A.S renamed to SumiRiko AVS France S.A.S.


2020    HAHN GmbH takes over SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S and SumiRiko Epinal  creating the new Anvis Group.

  SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S. renamed to Anvis Decize S.A.S

  SumiRiko AVS France S.A.S. renamed to Anvis Epinal S.A.S.