The rubber extrusion process is accomplished by forcing a rubber compound or mixed elastomer under pressure through an extrusion die that has the shape of the end product. Then the heat and pressure are applied which will expand the end product’s size. Through this process, the extruded rubber is not limited in shape or length and can be cut to fit any application. The process is highly efficient and repeatable.


Plastic injection process with PA 6.6 GF30 and PA 6 GF30 with 190 to automated presses.

Compression and injection rubber molding from 50 tons upto 1000 tons.


The surfaces of the components are activated and protected by degreasing and phosphating or zinc-coating

The parts are coated with an adhesion promoting agent in the designated areas


Fabric reinforced rubber parts can be prepared manually thanks to skilled and experienced people

Robotized processes are also used for increased productivity and repeatability


During vulcanization, the rubber compound is bonded to the metal or plastic parts

Parts are vulcanized either in presses or autoclaves


The final assembly of the vulcanized parts includes filling of hydraulic dampers

To ensure that no defective parts are sent out, automatic quality checks are also carried out as an integral part of the final assembly procedures